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How to create an admission ticket with paint shop pro

Admission Ticket

Before starting to make digital scrapbook pages, you might have made hybrid photo books. Did you always keep all your admission tickets to paste them in your projects? Do you still want to have your admission tickets in your scrapbook pages but you don’t know how to make them? It is possible to make your own admission tickets in paint shop pro.
With the tutorial on the campus you will find out how to create admission tickets and you will see that you can use any colour you want so that the ticket matches perfectly with your digital scrapbook page.

You can use any text you want on the admission ticket. Adding dates, time, names, whatever you like. The technique is very easy and versatile so it will allow you to create the ticket you want. You can find different ways to give them different looks by changing setting, using textures, bevels on the lines and text, using dropshadows. You can also use different papers on your admission ticket, even patterned papers will do. You can make a ticket with a polka dot paper in the middle of the ticket and use a color around it.


To make it easy for you to try differents effects on the admission ticket you can make a greyscale ticket and safe it layered so that you can open this ticket everytime you want to try another effect. You can recolour that ticket, or change text. With a bit of imagination you will find lots of scrapbook ideas when you use this technique.
Did you go to a show and do you want to make a scrapbook page with the photos you took there; you can make an admission ticket with the name of the show and the date you went there.
You can use it with photos of your kids birthday party, and make a beautiful scrapbook page with an admission ticket in the matching colors.
The admission tickets will be great to use in your scrapbook kit, you can make some wordart with them, or make an empty admission ticket in one of the colors you used in your kit, so that people can use the text they want on their scrapbook pages.

Just play around in paint shop pro to see what admission tickets you can create.
If you will register for the courses on the scrapbook campus you will be sure to learn a lot and find out that it’s easy to learn how to create the admission tickets you need for your scrapbook page.

To get there just click on the scrapbook campus image on the right on my blog.

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