maandag 30 april 2012

How to create Wet Paint with paint shop pro

Wet Paint

This weekend I tried the wet paint tutorial from the scrapbook campus in paint shop pro. This technique will teach you how to make elements or letters looking like wet paint.
It was such fun playing around with this technique. You can use it on letters, like in the tutorial, to give great effects to your digital scrapbook pages.
You can also use it to create a word art for your kit or digital scrapbook pages.  Imagine that you make a kit with some chocolats in it, for Valentines day, or Christmas for exemple. You can write the word chocolate in brown and then you can used the wet paint technique on this letters. It makes them look like if the letters had melted in the sun and the chocolate flowed off the letters on the paper.

You can also used the same technique on the bottom of a frame and make it look like the frame flowed on the paper.

You can play around with the bevel changing the width, depth or ambiance to have some different effects on your letters or other elements.
You can make a wet paint spot and on a papier this will make it look like if you just spilled some paint on your paper.

You can try to make some overlays with this technique, using the technique on several spots, without using a bevel, in a greyscale. Duplicate them and play with the opacity, you can only make some, or fill you page with the wet paint spots. At the end you can decide to add a bevel to some of the spots. Just be sure to save the layered file to be able to make changes whenever you want. Use this overlay on a coloured paper that will give a wonderful look to it.


This technique is so versitale, I' m sure you can find a lot of scrapbooking ideas playing around with it.
You will see that you will have some fantastic results.
So if you want to learn how to create your own wet paint elements, come and take a look at the tutorials in the campus, they are very easy to follow and you will learn a lot. It is such fun to create your own elements.
 To get there just click on the scrapbook campus image on the right on my blog.

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