donderdag 22 november 2012

Black Friday Sales -50%

Black Friday Sales -50%
in all my stores


Black Friday promotion on the Scrapbook Campus

Campus Master Classes have been bundled in TWO separate offers: one for scrapbookers and one for photo lovers. Each bundle will be at $49.99 instead of the regular price of $99,95 for 5 classes. This means it will be offered at 50% off. That is a great deal so be sure not to miss it.

 The Scrapbook Bundle includes these classes:
  • Basic Shadowing
  • Advanced Shadowing
  • Basic Extractions
  • Layered Templates
  • Brush Work

The Photo Lover Bundle includes these classes:
  • Color your world (colorizing)
  • Be the Master of Time (changing photos to fall or winter, or night time)
  • Details in the night (add details to a night photo)
  • Masking (using all those masks we have collected)
  • Getting it Old (creating old/vintage photos from new ones)
 IF you purchase both bundles, you will get these four classes for FREE:
  • Customizing PSP
  • Picture tubes
  • Playing with Vectors
  • Seamless Designs
 That is $79,96 value (4 x $19,99) for $0,00
You will get a total value of $279,84 of Master Classes for only $99,98. That is a 65% off deal for you. How can you refuse such an offer?

I love these classes and I learned so much on the Scrapbook Campus.
If  you are a designer you should take a look to at the element courses. You will learn how to make your own elements in paint shop pro. It's such fun to make them your own, and as a designer I use them a lot in my kits. The elements are really unique. No one else has the same as you. If you sign in for these courses you will have a new tutorial each week. And you have all the time to play around with the new techniques you are learning.

I offer a bonus if you purchase these classes through my link; you just need to send me the confirmation email (at and you can choose a scrapbook kit for free.

maandag 19 november 2012

sale at Moo Two Designs

From all of us here at Moo Two Designs, we wish you all a very Blessed Thanksgiving Day
Have a very safe Holiday 

Check out some layouts by our Creative Team 


woensdag 14 november 2012

Quickframes 35% off

Quickframes, a kit to make A4 sized photobooks. But also good for other sizes. I make them A4 size and I use this frames a lot. It makes it very easy to place several photos on 1 page. All frames and quickframes are in this kit in white and in a colored version. All frames are also in this kit in a single version, white and colored, with and without shadows. All quickframes have a shadow to make realistic. This kit also includes a set of fasteners and tags, so that you can fix the frames and write information on the tags, like date, place etc. There are 10 backgroundphotos in the kit (size 2480x3508, to fix an A4 size photobook) Snow, ice, sky, clouds, water... There are also 6 papers sized A4 and 5 papers size 3600x3600. Si this kit can also be used for square pages. It includes also 2 mask to blend a photo in your background You can use all my other kits to embellish your pages. 


11 papers
10 backgroundphotos
18 elements
2 masks
20 signle frames (in white and colored, with and without shadows)
54 quickframes (white and colored, for 3 up to 12 photos on 1 page)

and 30% off here for 1 week

vrijdag 9 november 2012

Home for the Holidays

 Home for the Holidays

Oh wow do we have a Collaboration for You this month! Home for the Holidays is all about the Summer Holidays and all of the memories and good times that we have together as a family. In this kit you will find everything you need for scrapping Thanks Giving and even Christmas. There are 100 fantastic elements and 44 papers that will make your holiday snaps shine in any gallery.   Now is the time to get those awesome personalised Christmas gifts made be they cards, calendars or anything you wish. Home for the  Holidays is chock full of just the right elements and papers. You will be wanting  for nothing more but this fantastic collaboration by our very talented designers here at Moo Two Designs

Home for the Holidays

Home for the Holidays - Click Image to Close
Check out some layouts by our Creative Team
Strangergirls and Myra

woensdag 7 november 2012

Traveling now available in my stores

Traveling now available in my stores

and 30% off here for 1 week