dinsdag 4 september 2012

New collab at Moo Two Designs, Level Up

Level Up Designer Gamer Collaboration

Woooooo hoooo Bang!! Pow!! Bam Bam!! Explosions and Loads of Fun!! That is what playing games on the computer or a console means for me. It means fun with family and friends and just quiet time by myself if I want. I just love the old style platform games and the shoot 'em ups. It was a huge challenge to see who could get the highest score and there were heaps of arguements about who had more time on the Commodore 64 than others did. Then there was the fun of going to the local bowling alley and playing Space Invaders on the table console or the upright machine. Spending mum and dad's hard worked for money on pressing that little button over and over again and being killed by the baddie. Here is a wonderful kit that will help you relive those memories all over again and preserve them for future generations. It is even versatile enough to cover the most recent gamers too!! So get out those computer games and get a Level Up!! You might even find some old fashioned board game paraphernalia too!

 My Part of the collab