donderdag 22 november 2012

Black Friday Sales -50%

Black Friday Sales -50%
in all my stores


Black Friday promotion on the Scrapbook Campus

Campus Master Classes have been bundled in TWO separate offers: one for scrapbookers and one for photo lovers. Each bundle will be at $49.99 instead of the regular price of $99,95 for 5 classes. This means it will be offered at 50% off. That is a great deal so be sure not to miss it.

 The Scrapbook Bundle includes these classes:
  • Basic Shadowing
  • Advanced Shadowing
  • Basic Extractions
  • Layered Templates
  • Brush Work

The Photo Lover Bundle includes these classes:
  • Color your world (colorizing)
  • Be the Master of Time (changing photos to fall or winter, or night time)
  • Details in the night (add details to a night photo)
  • Masking (using all those masks we have collected)
  • Getting it Old (creating old/vintage photos from new ones)
 IF you purchase both bundles, you will get these four classes for FREE:
  • Customizing PSP
  • Picture tubes
  • Playing with Vectors
  • Seamless Designs
 That is $79,96 value (4 x $19,99) for $0,00
You will get a total value of $279,84 of Master Classes for only $99,98. That is a 65% off deal for you. How can you refuse such an offer?

I love these classes and I learned so much on the Scrapbook Campus.
If  you are a designer you should take a look to at the element courses. You will learn how to make your own elements in paint shop pro. It's such fun to make them your own, and as a designer I use them a lot in my kits. The elements are really unique. No one else has the same as you. If you sign in for these courses you will have a new tutorial each week. And you have all the time to play around with the new techniques you are learning.

I offer a bonus if you purchase these classes through my link; you just need to send me the confirmation email (at and you can choose a scrapbook kit for free.

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