zondag 16 december 2012

Flat Paper Preview - PSP Script

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If you are like most designers, you probably hate doing previews. If you want to display papers all side by side to show specific designs, you know how tedious it is to resize, arrange and align each papers on a preview (or worse, on multiple previews). This script will do all that automatically.
You can stack papers in a preview but if you want to show everything, you will want to place them side-by-side. This is perfect if your papers are backgrounds, photos, paintings or drawings.
You wont have to open all the papers one by one; the script will do it. You wont have to resize and align all the papers; the script will do it.
Each paper will be left on a separate layer, renamed to the file name, with guidelines so you can move them around and keep the alignment perfect.
Use as many papers as you want. Arrange them in pages of 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, or 6x6.
I was looking for a script like this, and couldn't find one, so I suggested it to Cassel. And she did it in no time. This will help me so much because it really saves a lot of time.
I played around with it this week and I can tell you that's great, you choose the papers you want, put them in 1 file, start the script, answer to the questions and then you can go and do something else, the preview will be done when you get back.
Here is one of the previews I made with it this week. These are the papers of Snowy Christmas. Kit available in my stores
 You can grab this time saving script here

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