donderdag 3 april 2014

M2Dogs Donation kit

My 2 Dogs is a collaborative project to support and raise funds for our dear friend Mandogscraps. 

All My2Dogs products were donated. Proceeds go to help Mandogscraps after the tragic death of her husband.

Currently the parts are available for sale at MyMemories. It will be available in other stores soon.
I hope you will consider purchasing some supplies from this project to help Kerrie.

Kerrie lost her husband last week. He was suddenly diagnosed with aggressive and terminal cancer and passed away only 20 days later most of it spent in severe pain. I cannot even imagine how she is managing to cope with such a cruel change in her life. Through the sadness though there have been moments of great joy. Kerrie and Gary married a few days after his diagnosis [they had been together for 17 years] She had time with him alone. They have friends they gathered over years of helping people out and memories of great times.
But it is hard and is going to get harder. There was no million dollar life insurance policy. Gary’s pension stops and Kerrie’s carer pension stops. That means here in australia she has to get a job or try to manage on job search allowance and her small income will be cut dramatically. There are many bills as well.
So now to the Heartwarming love. Trying to fill my days of sadness I though of a collaborative project. I have to say it wasn’t only me thinking of it I just got in slightly first. I invited a handful of people to join me and suddenly in 2 days it snowballed to over 40 designers making contributions to be sold to raise money. We know we may not make much money from them but as I saw them come into me I could see the love in every piece.  This is what is important in life. Being there in whatever way you can even if it seems small, having faith in people and coming together in times of need.
So we now have the MY2Dogs collaboration. Named for Gary’s nickname and made with love for Kerrie.
The parts are available in my store at MyMemories. I will be paid to my paypal account and then will send the money directly to Kerrie’s bank account. You can help by taking a look and seeing if there is something there you like. Also by spreading the love on your blogs or facebook however you can.
Here are a few of our products. You can find them all listed on our facebook page and also on Pinterest.

My part for this collobaration

 The other parts

And some pages made by my CT

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