donderdag 25 september 2014

Storewide Sale at and STM Freebies at My Memories

 Storewide sale

Check out these great freebies! 

If you don't have the MyMemories software yet don't hesitate, it's great to work with and you can use all the freebies in it. 
Get it by clicking on the MyMemories image on the right of my blog and get $10 off

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the #1 Rated Scrapbook Software
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  during your checkout and receive:
$10 off the software purchase
and a $10 gift certificate to the online store

Come and join me in Happy's Room
New challenges will be online soon.
Not to late to do the august challenges and win the prizes
2 challenges are waiting for you


3 opmerkingen:

  1. If it's free until September 28th why is there a .50 cent charge?

  2. Sorry I have no idea, this freebies are given away by the My Memories store, I only do the advertising. I'll forward your question to them

  3. Hi
    So according to my memories it's a mistake in the system, if the designers store has a sale too, this one must have overwritten the free price for the freebie. Maybe next time you should try with only the freebie in your basket, and not another kit on sale. Hope this will work out, if not please do contact my memories for this problem. Thank you and have a great day.