zaterdag 29 november 2014

NEW MyMemories Suite 6 10$ off

The award winning MyMemories Suite 6 is a fun and easy way to create scrapbooks, photobooks, custom gifts and more! And now MyMemories Suite 6 is 64-bit for better performance and Commercial Use!

Why use MyMemories Suite?
    • Easy to Use -Drag and drop photos and elements to your page(s) or use our Fast Fill feature. Create your own page(s) from scratch or from pre-made designer templates.
    • Editing Features Recolor, Resized, Rip, Red-Eye, Filters, Crop, Shapes
    • Sharing
      -Print at home or professionally. Create custom blog or facebook graphics. Export as jpg, svg or png.

      You can get the MyMemories Suite software by clicking here
      Use the DISCOUNT CODE
      Code : STMMMS5864
        during your checkout and receive:
      $10 off the software purchase
      and a $10 gift certificate to the online store
      And this weekend you have 40% off in my store here

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